Research & Development

At Unipearl Alloys, the attitude towards the customer is not sale-centered, but performance-oriented. We try to make sure that our products perform on the customer end. We have a Research & Development Cell to offer new product-plus inputs. The R & D cell also undertakes other activities like process audit to streamline operations at your end.

Research & Development is central to the pursuit of excellence at Unipearl Alloys. As a result, process and product innovation take utmost priority and make significant contribution at the organisation. Substantial investment in ultra-modern R&D facilities sees in-depth research in key areas of material and process development and quality enhancement of the finished castings.

The R&D Cell has made impact with its breakthroughs in developing up-to-date casting products and equipments with microprocessor based controls. The research initiatives have also resulted in improving patterns, dies and jigs which have enhanced the quality and reliability of the finished castings.

Pattern Making

Wooden, Aluminium and Araldite Patterns with Computer Aided Methoding.


Automatic no-bake moulding line using Resin system for its moulds and Coreshooter with Cold Box process for accurate and fast core output

Micro-processor controlled continuous mixtures provides for accurate operation and input to the moulding line.

Dimensions of Moulds are closely controlled for producing Casting with accurate weights.


Micro - Processor controlled electric heat treatment furnaces with PID controls for precise temperature control, within ± 2 0 C
alloy steel castings components and casting products in india
alloy steel castings components and casting products in india

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